Hi! I’m Tamara. Thanks for stopping by.

I’m a mother, dog lover, naturalista, Registered Nurse, blogger, freelance health & wellness writer. I enjoy reading, writing, traveling, family, eating a vegan diet, good wine, outdoor dining, live music, meditation, learning, and living life to its fullest.           

My Vision:

I have 19 years of experience as a Registered Nurse and have worked in a variety of clinical settings.  Throughout my career, I have cared for many people who suffered from preventable dis-eases.  Dis-eases that manifested from unhealthy eating, stress, emotional instability, and poor lifestyle choices. I have witnessed disparities of care; and a broken healthcare system that focuses on treating symptoms, rather than prevention.  My goal for Wholistic Diva™ is to create content that empowers women of color all over the world to embrace their beauty and reach optimal health and wellness.


Wholistic Diva

Embrace Wholeness in Body, Mind, Spirit 

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