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Are you being your true authentic self or hiding behind a mask? In other words, are you living a lie? We tend to live day to day conforming to the expectations of our family, friends, loved ones, teachers, employers, and society while being afraid to live in our truth.

Living your life according to other people expectations will cause you to end up in toxic situations such as an unhappy relationship or marriage, unfulfilled job or career, false appearance, conflicting personal values, and other unwanted struggles. Living an unauthentic life will lead to internal conflict, unhappiness, and suffering.

Everyone has a personal truth. Living in your truth means being transparent and honest first with yourself and then with others, even if the truth will cause pain. Being truthful with yourself means embracing and loving who you are despite your perceived flaws. Living in your truth is about honoring yourself and not worrying about what others may think or feel. When you live in your truth, you know who you are, what you want, what you will not tolerate, and you will have the courage to live life according to your core values.

Being authentic gives you the confidence to open up and share your truth with others and live life according to your terms. When you embrace your true authentic self, your life will transform in positive ways.

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5 Transformational Lessons When Living in Your Truth

  1. You are not alone

You may feel alone in your personal battle and bury your truth in fear that you will not be accepted. Reality is that no one is exempt from life struggles and other people carry similar burdens. When opening up to your truth, you will learn that you are not alone and people will support you.


  1. You will be free from suffering

“The truth will set you free” is a powerful and accurate statement. Living in your truth will lift a heavy burden from your heart and free you from suffering. Being open and honest with yourself and others gives you the freedom to embrace your true core self and live life according to what makes you happy and fulfilled.


  1. You will feel whole and complete

Being your true authentic self allows you to experience wholeness in mind, body, and spirit. You will no longer reach out to others to feel complete. You will show confidence in all situations and not allow negative people to consume your energy.


  1. You will no longer need to feel validated by others

When you live in your truth, you know who you are and what you want in life. You will no longer seek approval from others and deprive yourself from reaching your highest potential. Your relationship with others will be based on mutual respect rather than the need for acceptance.


  1. You will find happiness from within

Living in your truth will create happiness because you are living life according to your terms. Your happiness is no longer dependent on other people or external circumstances. You will change how you respond to negative people and situations, therefore exercising your power from within. You will make better choices and approach life with pure positive energy. You will change how you view the world and radiate happiness, which will attract positive people and situations into your life.


Life has many challenges that may push you to hide behind a mask. Being true to yourself will give you the power to face life ups and downs and will release you from bondage. Step into your truth today and set yourself free.

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